our roots

Blue Family Development is a family-owned apartment rental, property management and development company.  We are a fourth-generation Denver family and have been a part of the Denver apartment rental market since the 1930’s.  Denver and the character and quality of its growth are of particular interest and importance to our family.  Therefore, we strive to maintain and modernize the buildings we own, so they are easy to live in and beautiful, but also restore some of the original character and history of the building.  On the development side, we want to create buildings that fit in with the character of the neighborhood–enhancing the natural beauty and charm of the community.

Blue Family Development began in 2008 when John Blue and his son, Brandon Blue joined forces, combining John’s long-standing passion for real estate with Brandon’s Masters Degree in Real Estate and Construction Management. They purchased their first property at 800 Emerson Street shortly after forming Blue Family Development. Daughter and sister, Lindsey (Blue) McClintock joined the team in 2010, after the company purchased the home at 1466 South Ogden Street. This site would later become Blue Family Development’s first development project. Maureen Blue, Brandon’s wife, and Matt McClintock, Lindsey’s husband, have since rounded out the team. Each member of Blue Family Development brings a unique skill set to the table; however, we work collaboratively on all projects.  The goal of our company is always the same: to create a desirable living space for our tenants and to give them an exceptional experience while living with us. 

Welcome to the Blue Family Development Family!